Webrigade is a start-up of 4 people who started something together, after each of them did something else on their own. We have all realized that, in the digital age, is vital to have an image on the Internet. For us, the image on the Internet has six components: web design, graphic design, photo-video, copywriting, SEO, and Google AdWords campaigns.

We are looking for customers who are just like us – startups, with whom we can collaborate to build them an image. So you can call Webrigade if you need an entire online branding campaign or just parts of it: a presentation site, an online store, a logo or photos, videos for the most important events in your company’s life, or promotional texts.

Marketing is defined as a set of business activities that aim at creating and discovering consumers’ needs and meeting these needs with products and services that through their characteristics, prices and availability in time and space can provide an assortment of benefits that can secure their buying repeatedly by consumers and the profits of the enterprise.

Our Advantage

We offer quality and professionalism at the real market prices.


Creativity makes the difference between a everyday message and one that draws the attention of the recipient. Whether it’s the content of the mailing, the shape of the envelope or the graphic elements of a flyer.


We incorporate advances in science, technology or engineering to increase efficiency and efficacity marketing to gain competitive advantage and increase the value of the actions.


The productivity of our group depends on how members of that group regard their objectives in relation to the company’s objectives.

Design with fun

Operational valences of design and aesthetics: product culture, innovation in design.